Celebrate Your Company’s History!

At YourCompanyStory,
we help harness your company’s past to help you build a stronger future.

Many companies have discovered that their history and legacy are a goldmine of opportunity to build their brand position, increase goodwill, and create top-of-mind awareness with key stakeholders. We help you tell your story and bring the past to life so all the people who make your company successful can learn from it, be inspired by it, and celebrate the future.

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Your customers

want to know your story to reinforce the reasons they like doing business with you

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Your employees

want to learn about their history to feel proud of being a part of something bigger than themselves

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Your retired workforce

wants to know that their past efforts are still appreciated and that they’re still a part of your organization

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Your investors

and stakeholders want to be reminded that your company has withstood the test of time

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Your suppliers

want to know that their products and services have helped to make your company successful

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The community

wants to know about your past so they can understand that your company is not just a business enterprise, you are their neighbor

We help you commemorate your company’s big moments such as anniversaries!
Here are just a few ideas.

Social Media Packets

Produced from the Storybook content, these individual features are packaged for use on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. These packets can serve as the foundation for a complete social media communications plan.

Your Company Storybook

This is the centerpiece of your commemorative collection of your company’s history. Professionally researched, written, and designed, this booklet is initially produced for digital distribution. Four color printing and binding is an option. Includes history interviews, document and image research, copywriting, and graphics production.

Video Features

For use on your website or in social media, these three-to-10-minute animated videos illustrate the successes and highlight the future of your company.

Commemorative Identity

We redevelop your existing logo to include your anniversary or commemorative event. This can be used on stationary, printed material, business cards, wearables, and advertising.

Lobby Display

Using photographs and other mementoes,we produce a historical presentation around your company’s history.
It’s a perfect setting to remind your customers and suppliers about your company’s position in the marketplace.

Commemorative Products

Engage all your stakeholders to help tell your story with posters, caps, shirts, and other products featuring your commemorative logo or other memorable features.

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Pennock Hospital

Annual Report and Support Materials

Pennock Hospital used its history of community care and rural setting to accomplish several goals. First was to detail various expansion projects since its founding in 1923 to help set the stage for further development. Pennock also wanted to use its rustic but progressive environment to attract new physicians and specialists. We developed an annual report that featured prominent local citizens involved in the growth of the hospital and graphically highlighted the fields and forests of the area.

Project Leader: John Bosserman

Designer: Scott Scheerhorn

Customer: Pennock Hospital

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Engine Parts Group

Engine Pro's 25th & 30th Anniversary Design

Engine Parts Group (Engine Pro) wanted to remind their customers and suppliers that the national distribution company has true staying power in a rough and tumble industry. They wanted to revise their logos for their 25th and 30th year anniversaries so that they could be used on custom lapel pins and product stickers. We helped them splash the logos across updated advertising, trade show materials and even featured it on a giant celebratory cake!   Engine Pro’s anniversary observances took place over 14 months.

Project Leader: John Bosserman

Designer: Scott Scheerhorn

Customer: Engine Parts Group

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PRT, Inc.

Automotive shock absorbers to be introduced to the American auto repair market

PRT, Inc. (ADD-USA) is a large overseas shock absorber company. They hired us to help introduce their products to an American auto repair market. We designed product cartons, promotional material, and advertising to build awareness and interest in the new brand. We also created a marketing plan which resulted in coverage in top automotive service journals.

  • Project Leader: John Bosserman

    Designer: Scott Scheerhorn

Project Leader: John Bosserman

Designer: Scott Scheerhorn

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Stedfast Construction Inc.

Telling the Values and History of the Company with Web Design

In 2019, Stedfast Construction marked its 50th anniversary as a general contractor. We helped them celebrate with a new website that reflected the uniqueness of their business. We continue to maintain that site to include the latest projects they’ve completed

Project Leader: Joel Huizinga

Designer: Scott Scheerhorn

Customer: Stedfast Construction Inc.

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Private Clinic North

Design a marketing & brand plan from conception to all finished visual content

Private Clinic North’s goal is to provide comprehensive, affordable opiate treatment that is free of the stigma of addiction. They asked us to completely rebrand their enterprise to reflect their mission. We responded by first designing a friendly logo and then carrying it through to brochures, signage, letterhead, patient handbooks and web development.

Project Leader: Heather Vos,
Rip Connell

Designer: Scott Scheerhorn

Developer: Scott Scheerhorn

Customer: Private Clinic North

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